Wednesday, June 13, 2012


i would like thank to Majalah Nur and Nona who have 
featured my shawl styling in their magazine..
thank you so much for giving me such an awesome 
opportunity to share my ideas..
enjoy the pics :)
cover page for Majalah Nur June 2012
 stunning Datin Norjuma

10 looks for Aidijuma Bawal shawl.
cover page for Nona 

stunning Irma Hasmie :)
Alhamdulillah for an awesome experience :)

Entrepreneurship Presentation

we're done with entrepreneurship of art and design presentation. our general manager  Zharin Hariz who's the one who represent our company :)
he really did a great job!
so me as marketing manager kene design macam2 such as print ads and bill board for our shop promotion..
so here some of the ideas :)

 this is the bill board

the print ad
the logo, business card and price tag
and the packaging..
yes i'm in love with Mr.Adobe illustrator :)
good job for all my team mates!

Internship Presentation

hey darlings.. lamanya tak update blog..
i've been super busy lately coz kan da nak final exam...
tadi bru lepas settle present for my practical training.
Alhamdulillah cuz semuanya berjalan dengan lancar...
hampir 2 bulan practical kat old blossom box..i'm having so much fun... 
and belajar macam2 dari miss Jezmine Zaidan..tq so much miss 
here some pictures yang i nak share for my practical training presentation :)
my presentation cd cover
 my cover page for report..
and some of my slides.
super excited!
i love you Mr. adobe illustrator!
tq for being so nice to me :)