Saturday, July 21, 2012

Amazing July

 hey darlingssss OMG  mcm lama sangat tak update belog nih... nk kata bz assessment sume da settle.. mybe sbb rasa xtau ape nk tulis bukan...malas nk menulis... yes! thats the word! Malas!!!! okay lah just nak share some pic before habis sem 5 ni... event lah...assessment la..styling lah..apelah... enjoy :)

minor assessment day :)
The advertersz with Puan Faz
my Topstitch :)
my strategy book :)
 assignment for copy writing class :)
iera birthday celebration at the food foundry, happy mansion :)
The Old blossom box raya fashion show :)
hello dear, wondermilk :)
 the collection 
 with kak nana
 with Citra from Wardah cosmetic Indonesia <3
with Naz #OBB team
my boss with her amazing Raya collection :)
that's all darlings :)

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