Friday, February 12, 2010


Now that I found you,
I know that true love and angels exist.
Now that I have you, I have a reason to smile.
Now that I’m with you…by your side.
I know that nothing in my life will be as sad as once upon a time it was.

You’re my love…My life… My everything...
My all. You are my little sunshine that bright my dark days with a ray of love. You are the happiness that brings a smile into my life.
You are all that and much more,

Without you my life would crash,
and be as dark as the cruel, as the lonely night.
It would be like a life without somewhere to live it.
It would be like an ocean without the water,

Like a night without the moon and the stars
that brings color to the darkness. To me,
You’re the definition of true love.

The beginning of a sweet and lovely sentence.
You mean all this and even more. You are my little angel,
My little star, that guides me true the tough things and hard moments.
The bright light that brings color into my life.
If I could only really have you.

I wish you weren’t only mine in my dreams.
I wish I could tell you all these,
But I guess time will make their own decisions in the future.,
while I am just another admire of yours.
I will keep loving you forever.

Doesn’t matter what life have already planned for the future.
My love for you is so pure and honest.

even we're not mean for each other.

Not even the end of the world will kill this feelings that I have for you.

currently listening to; i think i'm ready by katy perry

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