Friday, February 12, 2010

didiyana 21st birthday

Yesterday was my 21st birthday..sudah tua was a sweet and unforgettable moment cuz I celebrate it with my friends..i mean superb friendssss..even diz year my birthday sambut kat campus je…tp I still have fun cuz my friends sgt concern about me..i wuz touching when they sing a birthday song 4 me…mereka sgt sweet sampai I sgt2 malu…by the way thanx…and to someone..thanx cuz u’ve made my birthday super extra different dari birthday2 yg dulu..super thanks<3> I have to study super hard cuz study in fashion design wasn’t cool like people think.. it wasn’t fun and glamour at all!! Please don’t ask whether I have any advice for u to take this course..cuz my advice would be to study very hard and become a doctor or something useful.. Not a designer.. cuz u’ll meet many type of people..i mean weirdo!!hahaha tiba2 terfikir something..

It happened last 2 years when I wuz in part 2.. me n my group wuz preparing a presentation 4 this one subject laaa..then I miss this 1 meeting cuz I have to go back home that I ask permission from my group n they said..ok.. I thought benda tu sampai situ je..and bile presentation everything berjalan lacar..nak di jadikan cerita I sgt rapat dgn salah sorg member in that group..sampai la diz sem I baru taw yg die pergi jmpe lect I n suruh failkan I subject tu cuz I miss 1 meeting..i sgt2 terkejut that my best friend..or maybe very2 best friend sanggup bwt cmtu dkt i..i never think that dia sanggup..Omg !macam2 perangai..nasib baik I give my best on my final paper..kalau x memang I da fail that subject.yg paling penting I xtaw org yang nk bwt I fail tu is one of my close friend..gila betul…so sejak benda ni terjadi..i sgt susah utk trust people..hmm 2010 ni sgt banyak bwt I kenal all my friends..i mean I can see their true colours… tp bukan semu a macam tu.. it’s ok la..bnda dah lepas..juz let it be…i’ll turn in to a new chapter of my life…wish me luck!!!

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