Saturday, February 18, 2012

wonderful birthday

hey darlings! its my birthday on 11 February :)
i'm turning 23 years old this year! omg omg! i'm old -__-
haha hopefully this 2012 will bring joyful and happiness to my life :)
thanks to nabil's parents for the lunch treat at D'Palma :)
and thank you to my only love for the treat at Delicious! i love you like a millions of macaroons, pavlova and strawberry chocolate sundae!!!
me on my birthday :)
and thank you for the lovely hello kitty!
and for this white gold ring i would like to screammmm louddddly to my mom!!! thank you mom!!! love you so much!!
and thank you to my lovely boss Jezmine zaidan for the beautiful shawl<3 super love it!!!
and to everyone who wish my birthday(sms,fb,twitter,etc)
thank you so much guys :)
really appreciate it!
lots of love from me!!

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