Saturday, November 12, 2011

delicious love

hye people! dat day me n my bbil pegi dating lah! since cuti lama ni kannn..nnt da nk final exam..sah2 masing2 bz..
so we all pegi la berdating di sunway pyramid (again) haahaha mmg malas la nk pegi jaoh2.sunway pyramid mcm sume benda bwt pe nk penat2 pegi jaoh2 kannnnn.. so that day we go makan kat delicious sbb i sgt2 nk mkn dessert kat situ...

delicious restaurant, sunway pyramid.

i like the interior! <3

nabil with English fish & chip served
with homemade tartare sauce and garden greens

me with Mascarpone pesto chicken
served with fried potatoes & asparagus

and the dessert
Banana pudding with
butterscotch sauce & vanilla ice cream

heartbeat i love you!

okay ni pic membuli!
tomorrow will be our 1 year and 9 months anniversary sayang :)
i love you!

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