Thursday, March 10, 2011

blessed day!

today i got presentation for bel492(presentation skill) it was okay lah..but i didn't satisfied cuz i know i can do better..I give a talk about "the effects of wearing high heels".all my friend we're doing great on their presentation..congrats!

nisa & me
here's come the best part of the day!
echa and jenna dah start wearing hijab!!
me n hanis was freaking excited sampai rasa nak nangis! rasa sgt terharu tgk mereka.. afta the talk that we had kat mcD smalam..ini lah mereka :) alhamdulillah! sgt happy sampai tak tahu nk cakap apa!

cutie echa!

hawtie jenna!

blessed day with blessed people!
sumpah they look adorable!
welcome to the club :) hehe
heart them so much!


hanis hazwani said...

hehehe...cant wait 4 next wednesday!

norazman's diary said...

echa tu cantik la
the way die pakai tudung
imagine die pakai tudung tu dengan harem pants!

didiyana said...

kannnn! both sgt cantik!!!
pengsan -__-